CLIENT: 8pandas
MATERIAL: Bamboo powder

The new children’s cutlery and tableware set “Stamp” marks the first collaboration of the 8pandas company based in Hongkong and Stuttgart and industrial designer Simon Busse. The result is a product series perfectly combining high design standard with the specific characteristics of the bamboo-based material.
The starting point for the design by Simon Busse was observations of children’s intuitive grasping behaviour. The outcome is a cutlery standing upright, thus making it particularly easy to grab hold of it. The base, shaped like a “stamp”, allows the users to easily put the pieces aside before they are used (again). The round design vocabulary of the corresponding tableware – mug, bowl and plate – again considers the use by children.
Thanks to its surface feel and lightness, the material is especially suited for “Stamp”. Another important property of the biodegradable material – which is made of 100% renewable raw materials – is the use of the fast-growing plant bamboo. Ground into powder, the material is compressed in the specifically produced moulds by using pressure and heat. This way, “Stamp” – alternatively available in four natural shades – can become a robust and everyday companion for the little ones!



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