MATERIAL: Sheet Steel / Oak / Rubber
PROCESS: Lasercut / Metal Pressing

The name giver of MARIONET shows how to do it: only the connections between the (body) parts, joints and threads hold together the marionette; if one of the components is missing it collapses. This principle is equally applicable to the side table, which Simon Busse designed for the Mox Company from Switzerland: Only if all its components interact the table stands firmly. Three flat wooden legs twisted towards each other form the basis and are brought into position by a connective element made of sheet metal. Three blades fixed to this element precisely fit in the small indentations of the wooden legs. A hook on the top side of the connective element holds a coloured elastic band – the marionette’s string. The band runs through the wooden legs towards a circular tabletop and turns into a carrying handle on the upper side, fixed by a metal bushing. In order to lock this fragile structure, the tabletop is bevelled downwards, the legs are kept in position and the entire table stands firmly. The materials of this complex structure are deliberately pure. Every component is made of one material only – the legs are made of wood, the connective element and the table top from powder-coated metal, and the elastic band is made of rubber.



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