COLLABORATION: Kostas Medugorac
MATERIAL: Metal / Aluminium / Electronic Components
PROCESS: SMD Placement / Lasercut / Bending / Powdercoating

For the first device of the ‘Basswitch’ series by Ruppert Musical Instruments, Simon Busse – in collaboration with Kostas Medugorac – developed a shape, which allows easy adjustment of the controls in the user mode but avoids adjustments during transport. Inspired by radios from the 1920s, the control elements are half integrated in an elevated part of the housing, which simultaneously accommodates the most voluminous component of the appliance. Formed from sheet steel and braced with folded edges, the switcher can be founded on stages of bands and musicians like the Rolling Stones, Sting, Prince, Jamiroquai or Bruce Springsteen.



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